Ky Haverkamp, M.Ed., PA-C

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Didactic Faculty

After graduating from Whitman College in 1990 with a degree in psychology, I worked at Group Health (now Kaiser Permanente) in Seattle for over 10 years before attending PA school.  At Group Health I worked in the Behavioral Health Department and at the Group Health Research Institute, putting my psychology degree to good use.  Following graduation with MEDEX Class 36 in 2004 and completing a one-year post-graduate teaching fellowship, I began working on faculty with MEDEX.  In 2019 I completed Colorado State University’s Master of Education program.  Currently, I work clinically at Kaiser Permanente in emergency medicine.  Prior to that, I spent 8 years working in primary care.

I have found MEDEX to be a great environment in which to train and grow.  Each year we expand the MEDEX family with a group of highly motivated students who have spent much of their first career working in communities with unmet needs.  The energy and dedication of our diverse group of students continue to inspire me.