FAMED 689 Course Catalog Entry

Sports Medicine in Family Medicine clinical elective

Permission-only course. Offered as 2 or 4-week clerkship. 4-8 credits. 4-credit option graded Pass/Fail only. Offered: AWSpS

Students must successfully complete all required Clerkship courses to register for FAMED 689.

Description: Introduces medical students to treatment of sports-related injuries in the non-operative, family medicine setting. Includes routine sports physicals, advanced musculoskeletal examination, and assessment of acutely injured athletes

Instructions for receiving permission and registering:

  1. Email the Family Medicine Clerkship administrator at fmclerk@uw.edu with the following information:
    1. Your top two choices of timeframes (following the UW School of Medicine calendar) that you would like to take the clerkship.
    2. Confirmation that you will have completed all required clerkships by the time you begin FAMED 689.
  2. The Family Medicine Clerkship administrator will confirm the course preceptor’s availability and respond to your email with permission and instructions for continuing your registration process with the School of Medicine Registrar’s Office.

See more information regarding permission-only elective clerkships on the Elective Clerkship Overview UW School of Medicine page.