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Keren Wick
Associate Professor Emeritus
(206) 616-8649


After growing up in Seattle, I attended San Francisco State University where I earned a BA in English in 1990. At the University of Leeds, I earned a master’s degree through the Centre for Medieval Studies (1991) and a PhD in the School of English (1996) with a focus on medieval Scandinavian literature. While at the University of Leeds, I also worked as an editorial assistant and as the founding manager for the Leeds International Medieval Congress, launched in 1994. I joined MEDEX Northwest in 1998 in a research role. Working with MEDEX faculty and students on a broad range of topics is both fun and rewarding. In addition to continuing and expanding the research effort at MEDEX, my responsibilities include overseeing the master’s-specific curriculum as well as ongoing outreach to potential applicants with military backgrounds. It is wonderful to watch the progression from applicant to graduate and colleague.


CHWS Publications

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Snyder CR, Wick KH, Skillman SM, Frogner BK. Pathways for military veterans to enter healthcare careers Center for Health Workforce Studies, University of Washington 05-01-2016