PostGres Profile Detail – Faculty

Nancy Gray Stevens
Professor Emeritus
WWAMI Network


Nancy G Stevens MD,MPH is a professor in the Department of Family Medicine with adjunct appointments in the departments of Epidemiology and Medical Humanities and Ethics. After finished medical school at the University of Washington she completed her clinical training in Family Medicine at Michigan State University. As a medical student she pursued a combined degree in Epidemiology and completed her research and her as a resident receiving her MPH in Epidemiology the year she completed residency. She joined the faculty right after completing her residency for the opportunities it gave her to continue her clinical work adding teaching and research into her career.
Nancy was born and raised in Pullman and has a lifelong love of the Palouse Hills and the open spaces of eastern Washington state. Growing up she had wonderful healthcare from the same family physician that delivered her and everyone she knew. She found the fragmentation of medical school frustrating but family medicine residency quickly restored her enthusiasm for medical care. She sees the family physicians role as helping people have the greatest capacity for the life they want by preventing and managing the medical troubles they encounter along the way.
Her career has focused on excellence in family physician residency training across the WWAMI region. She developed and for the last 25 years has directed a faculty development fellowship for residency faculty from across the WWAMI region. She has just stepped down as director of the Family Medicine Residency Network, a network which has grown to 26 programs and is still growing. As Associate Director for Faculty Development for the Network she can now devote more time to the education of faculty especially in the newer programs.