What Types of Changes in Employment Status Have Been Most Common Among Health Care Workers as a Result of the COVID-19 Emergency?


We are hearing of redeployments, furloughs, and layoffs, among other work status changes for health care workers across health care settings as a result of the COVID-19 emergency.  These terms are not used consistently and can result in confusion in descriptions of the state of the health workforce. Among the most common system changes affecting work status are reduced clinic volume and revenue, and surge-induced demand to care for COVID-19 patients. In describing the different employment changes, we will indicate which situations typically continue to confer some or all of the employees’ wages, which typically lead to unemployment claims, etc.  And we will discuss the settings (type of health care service delivered, size and characteristics of facility) that were/are more likely to redeploy, furlough, and/or lay off employees during the emergency.
Lead Researchers: Bianca K. Frogner, PhD and Susan Skillman, MS
Contact Info: bfrogner@uw.edu, skillman@uw.edu



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Oster NV, Skillman SM, Frogner BK COVID-19’s Effect on the Employment Status of Health Care Workers PUBLICATION 05-26-2021
Policy Brief