Historical Trends in Physician Assistant Education and their Contribution to Primary Health Care for Rural and Underserved Populations in the U.S.


This study described the historical development of the physician assistant (PA) profession since 1967, with special emphasis on the demography of the PA population, the PA regulatory environment, the evolution of specialty roles, the emergence of practice location patterns, and the contribution by PAs to primary care for rural and underserved populations. The study used data from the American Academy of Physician Assistants, supplemented with data from secondary data sources such as the Area Resource File and an extensive review of the health services literature on PAs. Funded by HRSA, National Center for Health Workforce Analysis.






Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
Larson E, Hart LG Growth and change in the physician assistant workforce in the United States, 1967-2000 PUBLICATION 09-01-2007 Article
Larson E, Hart LG Geographic and demographic dimensions of the adoption of a health workforce innovation: physician assistants in the U.S., 1967-2000 PUBLICATION 02-01-2006
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