Apprenticeships as Pathways to Healthcare Careers: Experiences of Employers Using Medical Assistant Apprenticeships


This study examined the experiences of healthcare employers who are, and who are not, using Medical Assistant (MA) apprenticeships to sustain and expand their MA workforce. We described the range of employers’ experiences and factors likely to be associated with their decisions about whether or not to incorporate MA apprenticeship programs in their workforce planning.
Lead Researcher: Susan M. Skillman, MS
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HRSA: HWRC Allied Health






Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
Jopson AD, Cummings AG, Frogner BK, Skillman SM Employers’ perspectives on the use of medical assistant apprenticeships: a qualitative study PUBLICATION 07-01-2022 Article
Fullerton R, Skillman SM Health Workforce Apprenticeships PRESENTATION 11-15-2022 NCSL Apprenticeships Power Point