Lu Marchand awarded Stuart J Farber, MD and Annalu Farber Endowed Faculty Fellowship

Professional picture 2011 (1)Lucille (Lu) Marchand, MD, BSN, FAAHPM was recently awarded the Stuart J Farber, MD and Annalu Farber Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Palliative Care Education for her leadership, clinical care, teaching, research and scholarly work in palliative care. Like Dr. Farber, she has dedicated her career to family medicine, palliative care, and integrative and narrative medicine. Her love of narrative medicine is at the core of her dedication in providing compassionate care to patients and families and fostering an interdisciplinary approach to clinical care and teaching.
Dr. Stuart Farber was a pioneer in palliative care and established the Univeristy of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) Palliative Care Program in 2005, and was its first director. Together with his wife Annalu, he created curriculum and videos for palliative care education to medical students and other learners, and more recently created the Cambia Palliative Care Training Center for community interdisciplinary clinicians preparing to deliver palliative care in a variety of clinical settings. He was the founder of the UW Medical Center Palliative Care Service and was the UW Cambia Palliative Care Center of Excellence’s first director of clinical operations. Dr. Farber’s palliative care work is recognized locally, regionally and internationally.
Dr. Marchand did her medical training at the University of California in San Francisco in the 1980’s, when the AIDS epidemic was raging. Her background as a nurse and this experience of seeing unrelieved suffering and the lack of appreciation for the patient story in medicine, galvanized her work as a pioneer in palliative care. She did her family medicine training at the University of Connecticut and completed a fellowship in family therapy and qualitative research. She was professor of family medicine and coordinator of the palliative care curriculum at the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine for over twenty years. On a national level, she has been humanities section editor for the AAHPM Quarterly, and has chaired national humanities interest groups. She is a sought after speaker on communication, narrative medicine, compassionate care and other palliative care topics. In 2013, she was recruited to the University of Washington Department of Family Medicine (UWDFM) in part by Dr. Farber and Dr. Tom Norris, Chair, to succeed Dr. Farber as the director of the UW Medical Center’s Palliative Care Service, and to develop the section of palliative care in the UWDFM as its first section chief.