JEDI Awards

The Department of Family Medicine provides funding to address critical gaps to support justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within the department.


  • Faculty members, research scientists, residents, clinical year students and staff members within the UW Department of Family Medicine are encouraged to apply. 

Selection Criteria 

Strong Proposals for JEDI funding should have included one or more of the following attributes:  

  • A strong connection to one or more of the UW Diversity Blueprint and DFMs JEDI goals  

  • Relevant to advancing JEDI in DFM  

  • A clear description of how the funding will help promote and demonstrate the core values of JEDI throughout DFM  

  • A diversity and inclusion strategy other sections within DFM will be able to emulate  

  • Broad project impact across DFM  

  • Feasibility that the project can be completed in the time outlined in the fiscal year  

  • Potential for long-term sustainability  

  • Represents an Innovative approach to promoting JEDI across DFM  

The review of the applications will be based on the selection criteria as well as the committee’s mission, vision, and goals. Greater consideration will be given to those proposals that may affect more than one section of DFM.   

Application process and timeline

Applications are accepted on a year-round basis.

Application deadline 

15th of March, June, September, and December.   

Awards announced 

15th of May, August, November, February. 

Reports & budget reconciliations due  No later than 30 business days after the event. 



How to apply 

Download the application form 

  • Download the JEDI Budget template 

  • Save all application materials as a single PDF,including departmental signatures or letters of support. 

  • Title the .pdf as follows: LeadApplicantLastName_JEDI_2020.pdf (example: THOMPSON_JEDI_2021.pdf) 

Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Funding priorities 

  • Innovative pedagogy that advances students’ or the community’s understanding and commitment to diversity and inclusion at the Department of Family Medicine. (Example: service-learning project, video, or other tangible products about an issue of diversity and inclusion whose visibility and impact extends beyond the classroom.)  

  • Programs that improve the DFMs climate for minority groups, inter-ethnic, racial, religious group understanding, and collaboration on campus. (Example: A series aimed at encouraging meaningful dialogue among diverse groups and providing leadership and programs that promote understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the many dimensions of diversity.)  

  • Facilitating understanding and dialogues among diverse racial, ethnic, class, or sexual minority groups in the DFM.  

  • Developing, attending, or sponsoring a single, major event that promotes and cultivates diversity and inclusion at DFM.  


Award Funds and matching support 

Applications may be awarded at a lower amount than requested. 

Funds may be used toward: 

  • Travel expenses, such as lodging, airfare,  and transportation,  

  • Marketing supplies 

  • Other program-related or curriculum-related expenses (i.e., space reservation, cultural excursions) 

Funds may not be used to support: 

  • The purchase of alcohol 

  • Faculty or staff salaries 

  • Dissertation research 

  • Technical equipment 


Award disbursal and post-award reporting 

  • Funds distributed by JEDI Budget subcommittee to recipients through reimbursement.   

  • Recipients must submit receipts within 30 days upon completion. Recipients submit a summary report/present their key findings at a subsequent JEDI meeting  


All recipients of JEDI funds will be required to submit a summary report and/or present their key findings at a subsequent JEDI meeting. Please contact Daytheon Sturges at and Fernando Frias at to arrange the post-award reporting. 

  1. Brief narrative report 

  1. Describe the project, outcomes, and next steps 

  1. Outlines the use and impact of funds 

  1. Budget report reflecting actual expenditures. (You can update the budget submitted with your application).  

Please mention the JEDI AWARD in any communications or news related to your project. 



What expenses will be covered?   

The JEDI Committee will cover expenses that reflect the JEDI and DFM mission. (For example, airfare, hotel accommodations, conference fees.)  


What expenses will not be covered?  

 The JEDI committee follows the UW finance and administration guidelines. Please see the link (  


What types of events have you sponsored in the past? 

  • Student National Medical Association (SOMA)  

  • Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP)  

  • American Academy of Family Physicians National Conference (NCFMR)  

  • Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)  


Conferences that advance the mission/ vision of JEDI:  

Including but not limited to: 

  • Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) 2-day Workshop on Diversity and Inclusion. Usually held in October.  


I applied last year. Am I still eligible to apply again? 

Do I need signatures or letters of support from advisors, or supervisors or non-UW partners?

No, support letters or signatures are not required. However, if you already have them, please feel free to attach them with your application.